Sarah R. Bloom Photography | Guestbook
Mark Murray(non-registered)
Nice Work! A pleasure to work with and be around. She makes everyone feel at ease.
Pamela Negri-Lenzen(non-registered)
To see the whole set, side by side, is overwhelming and inspiring. Saving to purchase :)
Dallas Cantland
LOVE her stuff!
Love her stuff!
Jim Bevlock Herban Design(non-registered)
It's not the device that takes a perfect picture, it's the lense of your soul that captures the art we see, how lucky are we...
Contina Hutchins(non-registered)
The photos are very nice. I love them.
White Pines Productions(non-registered)
Sarah is a true professional, possessed of an artist's sensitivity. She manages to capture both the humanity of her subjects and the grander of her surroundings. Her pictures have a natural theatricality which sets them apart. They're eye-catching. Her images are a vital part of White Pines growing PR and marketing strategy and we're grateful for her work!
Brent Gendleman(non-registered)
Sarah possesses the rare blend of traits that allows for real art to be brought into life - she actually gets things done and done so well. While I am biased due to being a long time friend, I have seen her photography blossom along with her self and have received much joy from the professional photos she has shared with us and frankly, taken of my family.
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